Sunday, January 17, 2010


After the rain or on sea shore
I like to pursue the footprints
The scattered paintings, sometimes fade
Make the surface a faded collage.

The stamps of unknown mankind
Offered me a place amongst the crowd
But, I felt the loneliness of the moon
Who stands alone among the stars.

The collage swallows me, I feel
Footprints re form as grooves
I tried to step forward in vain
To leave footprints of mine.

Am I afraid of my footprints?
Let me make a pair of my own.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Silence of Transience

Those who have gone with the wind
Haunt me like shadow of death
Memories, the wonderful blessing
Make me abandoned in solitude.

‘’Am I someone's life or love?’’
It was a long whisper of dismay
Ragged the canvas of silent reverie
Waken me up again to the fray!

Love doesn’t have life until knows its depth,
When love leaves, death knocks;
And, ashes of memories asked;
Who could be someone’s life and love?

Imagine the day, the backyard
Filled with skulls of your beloved
Your wisdom may whisper then
Who can change the fate?

Learn to bury the memories
And, do believe in transience!